Al Soor Medical Clinic L.L.C

Al Soor Medical Clinic offers prompt services for medical, accident and emergency treatment. We also offer off-shore and on-shore medical services to crew members. Our experience around 24 years and are well versed with the requirements of shipping crew.

We are equipped to provide the following services to crew members:

  • - Access to Specialist Doctors to cater to their specific requirement- General Practitioner, Physician, Dentist etc.
  • - Routine Medical Checkups & Fitness Certificate
  • - Alcohol & Drugs Screening Test
  • - Examination & Certificates for Medical Chest Of Vessels
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We provide end-to-end medical services for:

  • Insurance Card Holders
  • Corporate Employees
  • Walk-In- Patients
  • Maritime Industry Crew Care

We also run a range of awareness workshops for our patients to improve their wellness while at work/home

  • General Health Awareness
  • Occupational Health Awareness
  • Health Risks in the Workplace/Home/Public Place
  • Work Specific Hazards - Prevention and Cure

If you have any querry Please Contact us... We are available