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We cater to medical needs for people wanting them in India/other nearby countries. We have some of the best abroad hospitals in our network. (List Under process)
Objective & Benefits:
Modern Int’l Healthcare Services is committed to the highest professional of ethics and integrity. The intent of the Compliance Program is to provide guidance regarding compliance, ethics, and conduct to all employees and contractors of XYZ CARD. The patient has an ongoing commitment to ensuring that its affairs are conducted in accordance with applicable laws, standards, and sound ethical business practices.
XYZ CARD Medical Offers a variety of Medical Benefits for your choice, from a standard List of Basic Benefits, and for extended benefits a List of Options is also available:
A. Standard Medical Benefits:
Outpatient Medical Services:
1. XYZ CARD offers a scheme for Coverage of Medical Consultation Services, through a widely spread network of consultants, within Clinics, Medical Centres, and Outpatient Clinics of Different Hospitals and with variable amounts of Deductible payment, varying from a Zero payment up to AED 100/- payment.
2. For a required medical investigation, XYZ CARD covers different Diagnostic Services through a network of Laboratories and radiology Centres.
3. Dispensing Medicine directly from one of the pharmacies included within XYZ CARD Medical Network of preferred providers, with variable Co-Insurance percentages of payment, varying from 0 % up to 40%.
• Inpatient Medical Services:
1. For Critical Medical Cases that requires Hospitalization XYZ CARD Offers variable choices for Inpatient accommodation, whether it is a Single Room or Twin Shared Room Accommodation. All XYZ CARD Subscribers gets a standardized level of Medical Care and follows up.
2. Direct Billing for all expenses incurred from Surgical Intervention, including Surgeon fees, Anaesthetic and Assistance expenses.
3. Settlement of expenses of all inpatient medical services through direct billing agreements with different hospitals (Including internal consultations, diagnostic procedures, inpatient medications etc.
• Ambulance Services:
Coverage of ambulance services inside The United Arab Emirates for Emergency Medical cases that require immediate medical intervention. It is covered up to 750/- inside & outside the medical network 50% or Govt. ambulance actual charges.
B. Additional Medical Benefits:
In addition to The Basic Medical Benefits, XYZ CARD offers an extended scheme for additional Medical benefits that are sorted to fulfil your requirements.
• Chronic Diseases:
To accommodate subscribers need for Dispensing Monthly Medications for Chronic Illnesses; XYZ CARD offers the solution, for Compulsory Groups including a minimum of .. Subscribers enrolled, an annual limit for their monthly medication is covered.

• Pregnancy, Maternity and Labour:

For compulsory Groups exceeding … subscribers, XYZ CARD offers an additional benefit for coverage of Pregnancy, Maternity and Labour, within an annual limit for each case, and for women, giving a full term delivery ten months after commencement of coverage.

• Dental Medical Services:

Through a wide spread network of highly specialized Dental Centres, XYZ CARD offers an extended scheme for Dental Coverage for compulsory groups including a minimum of …. Subscribers.

1. Basic Dental Scheme: Including Simple Extraction, routine filling & Gum treatment.

2. Advanced Dental Scheme: Basic dental scheme + surgical extraction + Root Canal treatment + Porcelains crowns.
• Pre-existing Conditions:
Which are medical conditions that existed prior to or at date of commencement of coverage. XYZ CARD offers an extra benefit for coverage of pre-existing conditions with an annual limit for each subscriber. Any Pre-existing limit will be waived after 12 months of continuous coverage.
• Critical Illness coverage:
It is coverage of oncology treatment (Such as surgeries, Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy), Therapeutic cardiac catheters, open heart surgeries, Renal Failure, Chronic hepatitis & Organ transplantation (Heart, liver & Kidney) being the subscriber as the recipient & not the donor.

Card Sample of XYZ CARD

Please note that any program can be tailored according to the client needs, regarding the territorial coverage, annual ceiling per subscriber and the Covered benefits. (As per concern insurance design)

Golden Plan

• Territorial Coverage:

Silver Plan
Full Coverage of Covered Medical Services inside the United Arab Emirates, Within XYZ CARD Comprehensive Medical Network, through direct billing facility. Except Al Zahra & Welcare Hospitals.
• Reimbursement of Covered Medical Services outside XYZ CARD Medical Network within the territorial coverage with Co insurance 20%.
• Territorial Coverage:
Basic Plan
• Full Coverage of Covered Medical Services inside the United Arab Emirates, Within XYZ CARD Limited Medical Network, through direct billing facility. (Network Hospitals are restricted for Inpatient Services & Surgical Procedures)
• Reimbursement of Covered Medical Services inside the United Arab Emirates, for subscribers who choose opting outside the network with Co-insurance 20%.
• Territorial Coverage:

Group of Companies:

1. Al Soor Medical Clinic LLC
2. Smart Creative Febrication & Engineering LLC
3. Modern International Healthcare Services LLC