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As a full-service healthcare company, we have earned a reputation for providing innovative solutions that improve health and enhance the quality of life for our patients. Our dedication to customer service and improving patient care, combined with our commitment to staffing quality healthcare professionals has made XYZ CARD one of the most dependable healthcare companies in the industry.

XYZ CARD have highly experienced staff to take care of the needs of shipping crew in Dubai and nearby Emirates through its network of clinics and hospitals. We provide transport from Jebel Ali, Port Rashid and all other UAE ports. We understand the needs of the shipping crew/PAX. XYZ CARD also handles the medical needs of passengers and crew of the Cruise Ships visiting Dubai. We have a full of experienced team who is handling shipping crew medical care for the past 10 years. We also do the medical chest certification through our network of clinics / Pharmacies.

Below services are being provides for the Shipping Crew / Industries

1. Providing all type of Doctor’s Consultation/ Specialist appointments.   
2. Providing RTA Authorized Cab/Taxi (Only for Patient) from Dubai, Jebel Ali, Sharjah and other emirates. 
3. PAX/Crew /Patient collection from Hotel, all emirates except some places.
4. Doctors visit in Hotel / Vessels.
5. Alcohol &  Drugs Test on board
6. Supply of Medical Equipment/Oxygen filling.
7. Medical Checkups &  Medical Fitness Certificates for crew. (Mostly Flags covered)
8. Medicines Supply for crew & ; Medical Chest.
9. Yellow Fever/ Cholera/ Hepatitis/Rabies Vaccinations &  Certificates.  (7 days a week)
10. Examination & Certificates for Medical Chest of Vessel.
11. Ship Sanitation Control Exemption Certificate
12. Tie-ups with good hospitals to provide medical facility as and when required. Our network includes all
major hospitals of UAE.
13. Providing Doctor on board. Medical services are available even after getting clearance of ship.
14. Tie-ups with P & I clubs in Dubai.
15.  Water Medical Analysis Report
16. Complete Human Remains Body repatriation
17. Emergency Evacuation by Air ambulance Helicopter / Air jet (subject to the availability)

Medical Fitness Certificates

We provide medical fitness Certificates for the people who are working in the shipping fields through our network laboratories, clinics and hospitals.